I had just developed this interest in every aspect of technology during my early teenage years. I thought I should start with the basics, ie basic electronics and move on to coding, which I did. Now I love coding, it’s my passion.

So yeah, I was learning digital electronics and was making a 2 bit computer solely out of transistors. I was following a book which taught the basics and came up with the circuit of the ALU using logic gates. But when I tried to make it with transistors it didn’t work (later I learned that the current would sort of die out, and I had to use diodes). I tried posting it on forums but nothing seemed to work. Being crazy in the early teenage years I emailed the person who inspired me to get in the field ie. Woz!

Being a wonderful man he is, he actually explained every thing and told me he was coming to Kuwait and would love to meet up so we can come up with a shorter and a better way. What a man! His humility is something everyone needs to learn. So yeah, that’s how I met him. We chatted for 30 mins. in the hotel lobby and he explained me where I went wrong and gave me an insight to programming.

Meeting him gave me a forever source of inspiration and made me realize that I just didn’t want to live the “standard” life but contribute something back to the world. He told me to do whatever interests you, something you can sacrifice your time for. I found that coding it was for me, rather than electronics.