These days I'm taking a side project way too seriously. Before this, I was working on Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) research^. I got a chance to work with some really cool people. Before RL, I was doing some sort of Machine Learning (ML) research. Before ML, I worked on web/app development. Before that, it was some electronics. And before all of this nerdy shit, I used to make memes and dance in front of laundry stores.

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If I was successful in wooing you by this crap, hit me up with the subject "heyy u, let's get pizza!".

Some recent projects (2020).

Continually Learning and Adapting Tasks for Language Based Robotic Manipulation

Transformers for RL

A Short Survey on Offline Reinforcement Learning

Render OpenAI Gym environments on the browser

Data-driven robotics boilerplate code