Control your Terminal through Messenger.

Installation and Running

  1. Clone TFM from the git repository first.

  2. TFM requires Python , Chrome and Selenium.
    To install Selenium, run :
    pip install selenium

  3. To use the script to full extent, make sure that you keep it at the home directory. Run it like this :
    python ~/

  4. Enter your facebook username and password when prompted.
    Alternatively, you can automate authentication. Create settings.txt file in repo's folder, and write email and password there in following format:
    email =
    password = passwordwithoutquotes

Much more than your average Terminal.

Run any command like you normally do on your CLI.

Send any file from the Computer.

Get current Memory Stats.

Convert directory to Zip and send it from computer.

Save any file sent, to your computer.

Define Alias names for long commands.